The Crown

Our newest dance, named after our current practice pub. We took some simple figures from our other dances and knitted them together in new and exciting ways to showcase at DERT ’19


Our most complicated, DERT-storming dance, named after the furry animals on the Shropshire coat of arms (and our favourite pub in Shrewsbury), with a collection of figures inspired by our great county. This dance is designed for speed, precision and excitement (but you might not get all three!)

The Bear

Named after the pub we practiced in at the time, and designed for beginners: a chorus-figure driven collection of simple figures based on traditional dances from Earsdon and Murton.


Our traditional dance, meticulously put together from notation collected in 1910, and black and white video recordings.

Monkey Dance

A dance we borrowed from Stone Monkey – great for crowded pubs.

Woodberry Down (discontinued)

Our first dance, named after the pub we practiced in at the time: a collection of fun figures we devised from watching youtube videos. Now discontinued.

Miscellaneous Figures

Some other figures we have learnt but not put into a specific dance (used for a ‘follow-the-call’ or ‘figures-out-of-the-hat’ dance along with figures from our other dances)